Optical Fiber CWDM Solution

CWDM network, as an easy-to-deploy and cost-effective solution, has been applied in many areas. Although CWDM network is not as perfect as DWDM networks in data capacity, it still can satisfy a wide range of applications in optical applications. And CWDM is a passive network, allowing any protocol to be transported over the link, as long as it is at the specific wavelength.


      Broadband has unveiled a new world for subscribers, full of advanced capabilities and faster speeds. Your challenge is to meet their demands without compromising your budget. Because of its distance, speed and bandwidth potential, fiber optics has become the choice for many service providers. Fiber optic connections typically require two strands of fiber – one for transmitting and one for receiving signals. But, what happens when you need to add services or customers, but you’ve exhausted your fiber lines? 
 Coarse Wave Division Multiplexing (CWDM) technology is the most effective solution for expanding bandwidth and has many advantages over DWDM technology in terms of system costs, set-up, maintenance, and scalability. CWDM is a technology which multiplexes multiple optical signals on a single fiber optic strand by using different wavelengths, or colors, of laser light to carry the different signals. By utilizing bidirectional communications over a single strand of fiber, network managers can realize a multiplication effect in the capacity of their available fiber infrastructure
      Low cost CWDM solution, 1.25G capacity per channel, up to 8+1 channels. CWDM solutions are known for their ability to share a single physical fiber optic circuit for several optical connections, thus extending the bandwidth of fiber and allow multiple applications to run over same resources.
     The basic principle of CWDM is to use different optical wavelengths over same fiber cable and mux/demux them through a passive optical device, specially built on such purpose. The CWDM solution we offer has the ability to multiplex up to9(8+1)different fiber links over the same physical circuit. The operation range can reach up to120Km, depending on optical modules used.The total maximum capacity is 1.25G x 9=11.25G.

Benefits of CWDM


Passive equipment that uses no electrical power Much lower cost per channel than DWDM Scalability to grow the fiber capacity as needed with little or no increased cost Protocol transparent CWDM can provide connectivity for multiple Wireless Carriers using virtually any protocol to the cell tower over a single strand of fiber.





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